Audio ukážky

Angel´s Fantasy, composed by M.Zahradník, recorded by Slovak radio symphonic orchestra, 2016, Song awarded in the UK Songwriting contest 2016.
Dawn Emotions – composed and recorded by M.Zahradník, 2018
M.Davis – All Blues: jEzzSPRIT – M.Zahradník guitar, P.Morochovič – piano, 2012
C.Velázquez, Besame Mucho, jEzzSPRIT duo, M. Zahradník guitar, P. Morochovič piano, 2012
Celebration – composed by M.Zahradník on the occation of 25 anniversary of the founding Dezider Kardoš Conservatory at Topoľčany. 2019
Dancing Eyes – composed by M.Zahradník, recorded by M.Zahradník (guitar), P.Morochovič (piano) 2012
Zdravas Kráľovná rodiny/Salve Regina Familiae, composed by M. Zahradník on the occation of a benefit concert for Africa, 2018, recorded in Studio LUX Communication, 2018
E.Clapton – I cant stand it – SLOWHAND PROJECT, guitar, arrangement, M.Zahradník, vocal Stanley Menkyna, 2017
Guitar Mood by M.Zahradník, 2018
M.Zahradník – Impressions for flute and chamber ensemble, 2015
1. part : Snowflakes dance
2. part : Sunny landscape scene
3. part : Winter Joyousness
Memories, composed and recorded by M.Zahradník, 2017
Rock Heart, rock guitar solo by M.Zahradník, 2011